A Letter From The CEO

Well 2018 has certainly started out unexpectedly and with some excitement!!!

Earlier this year my lower right leg was badly damaged in a traffic accident and I narrowly avoided it being amputated.

Thankfully, Addax  Business Solutions and AOD-Cloud always had a strong management and delegated authority structure to ensure that our customers are always protected and received continued service, should any member of our team unexpectedly become absent.  This has worked very effectively, when I had my accident in early January Andy Thomson stepped up and fulfilled my duties.

Even with the successful operations and good progress in healing, I am unlikely to return to the office in any meaningful way for some time.  So it is with my gratitude and much pleasure, that I confirm Andy Thomson has the full authority to act on my behalf in all operational matters relating to Addax Business Solutions and AOD-CloudI have known Andy for my entire career, during which he has earned my greatest respect and trust.  Andy has held very senior positions on large operations around the world, from Siberia to Africa and including Europe. He is passionate about using technology to streamline business processes and drive revenue growth.  I have no doubt that Andy will ensure our staff, customers and stakeholders will continue to get our best service and support.

I will remain the owner of Addax Business Solutions, AOD-Cloud and affiliated organisations. During this period I will continue to be involved with the businesses in a non-executive and advisory capacity.

Thank you for your support.

David Sankey

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