CRM Basics Suite

The core of a CRM system is the information on the Organisations and Contacts, and the relationships between organisations. The CRM suite allows you to define the organisations a business comes into contact with and take a holistic view of the relationship with them. This can be customers, suppliers, trade organisations, services organisations or any other types that are relevant to the business.

By maintaining detailed records on the information on Organisations and Contacts a business can more effectively manage relationships and continue to build the company. A centralised CRM system means that there is only one record for each Organisation and Contact for all departments which eliminates multiple entries and duplication of data.

This defines the data that is to be maintained on Organisations and Contacts. This baseline information is then utilised in other areas of the CRM system. It also captures and tracts all the interactions between the business and other organisations.

Organisation Information

All organisations that the business deals with, including customers, suppliers, prospects or competitors, can be maintained in a single place. Organisations can have unlimited hierarchical structures so details of branches, groups or subsidiaries can be recorded together.

Horizontal relationships between organisations can also be defined, for example linking a prospect to their various professional or technical advisors record.

Contact Information

In addition to the usual name, phone and address details, the reporting structure within an organisation can be defined to give a better understand of how any one contact fits into the picture. MYOB Greentree’s standard user-defined fields and trees also enable unlimited information to be captured against a contact.

Integration with Microsoft Outlook

Contacts, tasks, appointments and follow-ups can all be published to Microsoft Outlook, providing employees and management with offline access to key information such as personal contacts. There is also functionality to efficiently file Microsoft Outlook emails against any record in Greentree, even filing against multiple records as attachments or communications for both received and sent emails. These can be filed in Greentree as they are sent from Microsoft Outlook.

Fully Integrated

Greentree is a completely on-line, real-time integrated system. A single point of data entry updates all relevant areas instantaneously. So as prospects are turned into customers, a new customer account is created and can be maintained from Accounts Receivable or CRM. CRM also integrates fully with Accounts Payable, Inventory, Requisitions, Sales Orders, Job Costing and General Ledger.

The Debt Collection module provides a structured approach to the management of the business’ collections process. This includes generating a list of overdue Customers based on various criteria. Follow up calls can be scheduled and all communication tracked.

Collection Calls

Debt Collection Calls can be auto generated based on selected criteria including Organisation, Communications and AR Balance or Invoice detail. There are options to pre-fill these calls with detail on the overdue amounts and Invoice numbers.


All Communication to and from the Customer can be tracked. Communication records can be auto generated from the Generate Calls screen or entered manually.


There is tracking of all tasks required in order to collect the outstanding amount from the Customer. Follow-ups provide the ability to set Reminders so that Debt Collection personnel are up to date with the tasks they need to perform.


Screen shots – Greentree Financial Management Module

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    Greentree is going to bring big improvements to our reporting process. We’re feeling very positive about the future.

    Hannes Boshoff Corporate Finance Manager

    Our competitive edge is about the reliability of our service. Greentree will support and better facilitate our service delivery, and that’s what keeps us ahead.

    Nilsen Group
    Mark Nilsen Managing Director

    Our competitive edge is about the reliability of our service. Greentree will support and better facilitate our service delivery, and that’s what keeps us ahead.

    Matilda Equipment
    Damion Wilson CFO

    As a non-profit organisation, the functionality in Greentree has been an absolute boon for us. We have been able to save time and money by better managing our cost centres and grant maintenance in Greentree. These flexible reporting structures ensure that almost any financial reporting requirement can be easily fulfilled.

    Rocky Bay
    Mervyn Williams Finance Manager

    Innovation is critical in our industry and Greentree dovetails into this to help us maintain our competitive position.

    Crosby Tiles
    Andrew Williams General Manager