Our passion is business systems, our expertise is in our people, and our pride is in providing successful business solutions.  In meeting these objectives, Addax provides services to assist in the entire process.  In summary the scope of our professional services include:

  • Understanding and defining your requirements.
  • Selling you the appropriate software to meet your requirements.
  • Developing new software or customising software using our programmers.
  • Implementing the business solution using our own tried and tested “Addax Implementation Methodology”.
  • Training your staff on the solution(s) provided.
  • Ongoing maintenance and support services provided by our dedicated support desk staff.
  • Regular system reviews and optimisation can be conducted as your needs require.

We are looking for long-term relationships with our customers, and to do that we ensure we have a comprehensive team that can fill your requirements from business requirements analysis, implementation consultants, software developers, IT technical experts (including a full cloud hosting service www.aod-cloud.com), trainers, and dedicated helpdesk consultants.

Software Selection and Sales


Selecting the correct tool for your business is a key component to a successful implementation. Because our philosophy is to partner with you for the long-haul, our sales and account management staff are not looking for a quick sale.

Regardless of when or how you contact our sales department; an experienced member of our team will want to discuss your requirements and will draw on our extensive expertise to provide you with a suitable solution to meet those requirements. We will also want to discuss budget and timeframes to ensure that your expectations are realistic and that we only provide solutions that you can realistically afford. We will never push you into a solution that we do not believe is right for you, and our job in sales is to demonstrate our products and expertise to give you the confidence that we can deliver on your requirements.

A typical sales process will start with an email and phone calls and if these conversations are favourable we will come to you to gather a more detailed understanding of your business.

Using this information we will design a conceptual proof of concept solution, and use this to demonstrate exactly how our proposed solution will meet your requirements. If the size of the solution is extensive, multiple demonstrations maybe required, each on focuses on a different audience to ensure all the decision makers and influencers in your business are confident their concerns are met.

Finally, we will build a detailed estimate using a purpose built tool we have developed that itemises all the tasks and activities need to provide a complete solution. Our estimating tool estimates both our effort and your effort, and presents these in Gantt chart that forms part of our proposal. The proposal will contain all anticipated costs, timeframes, and resource requirements to avoid any miscommunication or misunderstanding of what the project includes.




We understand the importance of business systems, and importantly we understand the potential devastating cost in time and money of a failed implementation. For this reason we insist that any implementation we are involved in must meet a number of prerequisites.

  1. The software selected is the correct tool for the job.

  2. We have suitable consultants with the relevant experience and knowledge to do the implementation.

  3. You, our customer, has the resources available with appropriate authority and expertise to ensure the project and change management flows smoothly within your organisation,

  4. Finally, the Addax Implementation Methodology (AIM) is followed.

The Addax Implementation Management methodology is designed specifically for the implementation of business and ERP system. The methodology allows for scaling from small, single path implementations up to large, multi-path projects that have multiple implementation teams and usually multiple stages. It specifically covers Meeting Schedules, Project Reporting, Roles and Responsibilities, System Design, Training, User Acceptance Testing, and of course Go-Live Milestone(s).



Addax has a dedicated technical services department where we have dedicated developers. While we aim to use off-the-shelf software applications wherever possible, in the fast moving technology world the lines between standard functionality and custom functionality is blurring where some may consider writing a macro or complex formula in excel standard functionality. Many aspects of business systems require a high degree of technical knowledge, or a fully qualified developer, to be able to truly give a good solution.

For this reason, a number of our implementation consultants and of course consultants in our technical services department are also experienced developers, and why Addax has invested heavily to become one of the few resellers that are authorised to hold and use the MYOB Greentree source code allowing us to write add-on applications and customisations that become seamlessly integrated with Greentree.

Like our implementations, our development follows strict processes to minimise software faults and maximise seamless and hassle-free software.



Unlike many organisations in the world of information technology, when you put a support call through to our help desk it will be answered and addressed by a product expert.  As a result, unless your call is the start of a project or requires a developer to resolve, it will be addressed and resolved by our support department.

This means your support request, that is potentially urgent, will be addressed in the quickest time possible.  Our toolset includes remote connectivity tools and ‘shadowing’ option so, with your permission, we can directly access and shadow your screen to support assistance or training.

Our support department is also responsible for issuing and maintaining support service agreements with you, identifying if potential underlying issues such as training that we will report back to you for consideration, and importantly on-going upgrades and maintenance of your systems.

Our support services agreement provides a number of options to help you predict and budget your costs, while ensuring your systems do not fall behind on versions and remain well maintained.


    Greentree is going to bring big improvements to our reporting process. We’re feeling very positive about the future.

    Hannes Boshoff Corporate Finance Manager

    Our competitive edge is about the reliability of our service. Greentree will support and better facilitate our service delivery, and that’s what keeps us ahead.

    Nilsen Group
    Mark Nilsen Managing Director

    Our competitive edge is about the reliability of our service. Greentree will support and better facilitate our service delivery, and that’s what keeps us ahead.

    Matilda Equipment
    Damion Wilson CFO

    As a non-profit organisation, the functionality in Greentree has been an absolute boon for us. We have been able to save time and money by better managing our cost centres and grant maintenance in Greentree. These flexible reporting structures ensure that almost any financial reporting requirement can be easily fulfilled.

    Rocky Bay
    Mervyn Williams Finance Manager

    Innovation is critical in our industry and Greentree dovetails into this to help us maintain our competitive position.

    Crosby Tiles
    Andrew Williams General Manager