WHAT TO LOOK FOR IN AN ERP? Join us this month as we focus on common challenges for the not-for-profit (NFP) industry. With strong experience working with NFP’s; Addax Business Solutions together with our major software partner, MYOB Greentree are equipped to offer objective advice and solutions to your recurring challenges. Choosing and investing in…


Addax takes out collaboration award for 2015

Greentree Perth partner takes out collaboration award Greentree International, a leading provider of business management software, has announced the Australian winners of its 2015 Awards. The annual awards recognise the major achievements of the Greentree partner companies, consultants and customers who’ve made significant impact on projects and initiatives across Greentree’s global community.      …


AOD for Greentree Secure DR Solution for Greentree

AOD takes the hassle out of Disaster Recovery (DR) – providing a fully supported and managed DR environment for your Greentree Systems.

If your system crashes, you’re Greentree Systems will be back up and running almost immediately. AOD for Greentree Secure is designed for customers that need data recovery to the point-of-failure immediately and provides a hot swap Greentree system.

AOD for Greentree Secure allows for minimal downtime and provides you and your IT department total peace of mind.

You are fully protected – with a total secure DR environment, which not only contains your Greentree systems but enables access to your complete Greentree corporate IT environment

All users of Greentree and staff can log into your systems remotely, securely and immediately when a DR event is called.

  • Why should we have a DR plan we should ask ourselves?
  • Can our business afford to gamble with its data by using antiquated backup or even worse no backup at all?
  • Do we have a having a solid backup and DR plan regardless of the size of our business?
  • How easy is it to implement?

With high speed Internet connectivity, data can be protected effectively by transporting and storing it in a secure data centre facility where it can be accessed when the need arises.

  • Is data loss a certainty?

At some stage it is inevitable. Either a hardware failure, human or natural disaster will occur – you need to have peace of mind that this has been pre-empted effectively. Having off-site DR is essential when protecting your core applications data.


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