The aim is to accelerate growth, enhance customer satisfaction, and improve your bottom line. Utilise the functionality to get a complete view of distribution operations to enhance business productivity, order accuracy and operational improvement. Reduce costs by consolidating inventory and distribution processes and improving cycle times.

Drive continuous improvement through real-time business intelligence and flexible alignment with dynamic shifts in supply and demand. Optimise inventory to keep customers happy while improving the turnover of stock. Institute an advanced order processing system that improves accuracy, speeds up fulfilment, and results in fewer returns.

Managing inventory requires keeping tight control of lead times, inventory levels, inventory costs, managing inventory forecasts and replenishment processes. Easily track your inventory as it moves through your company utilising configurable options to manage the most complex processes.

MYOB Greentree inventory automatically reconciles the inventory ledger with the General Ledger, as an integral part of transaction processing, ensuring the two are always correct and in balance. Inventory also keeps track of any variations between standard costs and actual costs, providing all the information you need to create realistic and accurate standard costs.


Inventory is fully integrated with all other relevant Greentree modules, including General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Manufacturing, Job Costing, Requisitions, Inventory Sourcing, Asset Management and Accounts Payable.

Inventory Counts

Inventory can be managed proactively with a predefined monitoring process. Counts can take place periodically on a regular cyclic counting basis. Management can determine a pre-approved tolerance level for variations between the actual item count and what is recorded in the system.


The information is available to accurately plan the materials and resources required to meet the most rigorous customer demands at the most competitive and profitable price. Effective forecasting is dependent upon the best information, including sales, purchase commitments and expected deliveries. Maintaining optimal inventory levels throughout ensures an accurate information flow from one distribution or manufacturing process to the next.

Warehouse Management

The efficiency of the warehouse is dependent on organising inventory items in a logical and effective manner. This includes Automatic bin replenishment  that ensures that inventory items are always in the right place at the right time, organising bin locations and defining bin types, storage profiles and capacity limits, quick and efficient ‘put-away’ and order picking based on Inventory’s intelligent decisions, and location codes that reflect the physical layout of the warehouse, down to individual bins within rows and columns

The entire organisation has a ‘clear and present’ view of what is happening in sales at any time. There are order entry and order management capabilities to help expedite order processing and boost profitability, staying on top of customer accounts, reviewing inventory levels and purchase histories in real time, anytime. There is also an increase in accuracy and the ability to pursue up-sell and cross-sell opportunities that improve the lifetime value of customers.

Access latest information

Instant access to the information that is required to capture the sale one way or another ; customer history, inventory levels, alternate or complimentary products, backorder tracking, specials or discounts.

Order Processing Control

Manage the order from quote to delivery and cover all the step in between including quote tracking, order entry, inventory inquiry, backorders, picking and packing, delivery runs and invoicing.


Increase sales efficiency through the seamless processing with integration to Inventory, Purchasing, CRM, Accounts Receivable, Manufacturing and EDI.

Pro-active Sales Management

Through the inquiry and reporting facilitiesthe sales team can see which inventory items are slow movers, which items the sales people are selling the most of, which sales person is ahead of budget or needing a little ‘encouragement’ and which items need a greater sales effort. The business decision making process instantly impacts the bottom-line in real-time.

Save time, reduce costs, and automate processes through management tools. The functionality is provided to simplify purchasing and receiving processes while ensuring greater order accuracy. Manage the Purchasing process from the generation of the PO to the receipting of inventory and matching of supplier invoices.

A variety of system features uses the power of automation to minimize costly quantity and pricing errors, as well as errors in receipt of goods. When purchases are received the system can automatically capture important vendor metrics. This includes information about correct item and quantities shipped, damaged goods, and includes bar coding and serial lot entry.


The Purchase Orders module allows for the entry of orders for Inventory items, General Ledger (i.e. non stock) purchases, Fixed Assets purchases and Job-related expenses. Information is updated immediately to all other Greentree modules including MRP. It is also fully integrated with Accounts Payable, which means as supplier invoices are entered, the relevant purchase order details can be updated directly onto the invoice without the need to re-key any details.

Cost Variance

Implement tighter controls of cost variances between expected and actual costs. Decide how variances are handled through the automation of business rules.

Streamlined Receipt Processing

Greentree provides the ability for inventory to be received into your warehouse and made available for immediate resale, regardless of whether the supplier invoice has been received. This ensures you are able to on-ship items to your customers quickly and accurately.

Greentree goes beyond the functions of Inventory, Sales Orders and Purchasing. Making the Supply process more efficient and delivering better customer service brings in aspects of Requisitioning, Quality Control and EDI. In combination they bring Distribution and Supply to a new level.


The supply process becomes seamless when Requisitions begin a process that may incorporate centralised Purchasing, perhaps EDI, complex warehouse management and quality control. Combine that with customisable sales processes and invoicing, and the result is an end to end flow that can respond to changing conditions and provide management with control and up to date information.


The first stage in the Supply Chain process is the Requisition. This can both speed up the ordering process and bring into play efficiencies in Purchasing. Details at the Requisition stage can include required date, priority, location, branch, preferred supplier, detailed line items and delivery/contact information.

Quality Control

The range of functions available include comprehensive quality checks, detailed testing and approvals, tracking products by serial number, batch or even by who performed the quality check. Compliance to standards and full traceability ensure that products meet the requirements and the process is both easily managed and fully auditable.


Electronic trading is required in many industries and EDI meets the demands flexibility but with appropriate controls and management. Setting up business and trading rules results in staff efficiencies, reduction in errors and faster processing of transactions. Key issues include adhering to established standards and integrating with the other functions in the Supply Chain process.


Screen shots – Greentree Financial Management Module

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    Greentree is going to bring big improvements to our reporting process. We’re feeling very positive about the future.

    Hannes Boshoff Corporate Finance Manager

    Our competitive edge is about the reliability of our service. Greentree will support and better facilitate our service delivery, and that’s what keeps us ahead.

    Nilsen Group
    Mark Nilsen Managing Director

    Our competitive edge is about the reliability of our service. Greentree will support and better facilitate our service delivery, and that’s what keeps us ahead.

    Matilda Equipment
    Damion Wilson CFO

    As a non-profit organisation, the functionality in Greentree has been an absolute boon for us. We have been able to save time and money by better managing our cost centres and grant maintenance in Greentree. These flexible reporting structures ensure that almost any financial reporting requirement can be easily fulfilled.

    Rocky Bay
    Mervyn Williams Finance Manager

    Innovation is critical in our industry and Greentree dovetails into this to help us maintain our competitive position.

    Crosby Tiles
    Andrew Williams General Manager