Financial Management

Right at the heart of Greentree is a robust, secure financial management suite designed to provide a full range of essential management and accounting functions together with the facility to easily create sophisticated financial views and reports.

With MYOB Greentree’s Financial Management suite there are tools to establish accounting structures irrespective of the complexity of your geographic or management configuration. The managing of financial entities in Greentree includes Multi-Company capabilities, Intercompany accounting, Consolidations and Multi-Currency facilities

The Greentree General Ledger has been designed to provide comprehensive and flexible functionality for a diverse range of industries. There are a number of key features that are common regardless of the industry.

Flexible Accounting structure

The account codes structure of 32 characters and 16 segments means that the chart of accounts can be generated to suit your business structure e.g. around divisions, territories and lines of business ensuring best fit.

Dynamic Structure and Transaction Analysis

Different ‘views’ of financial information (at account or transaction levels) can be created without introducing unnecessary complexity in the account structures. Geographical, statistical and management structures provide the information that’s most meaningful to the management team.

Budget Management

Multiple budgets, including re-forecasting as required, are easily created and tracked.

Dynamic Reporting Structures

Greentree allows an unlimited number of multilevel “Trees” to be defined within the General Ledger that are used to group and summarise financial information. These flexible reporting structures ensure that almost any financial reporting requirement can be easily fulfilled.

Controlling invoicing and debtors management are two of the key components of the Greentree Accounts Receivable functionality. It is important to have complete, accurate and real-time information in Accounts Receivable. Greentree exceeds all expectations in this area with a comprehensive range of features and functions.

Managing Overdue Accounts

 The default customer payment terms for each invoice can be modified as they are entered. Greentree tracks invoices so that you know when each invoice is due for payment. Additionally customer credit limits can be defined as a total and/or each overdue period.

Tracking Customers

Maintaining control of your debtor relationships by having total visibility of invoicing and other transactions with tracking right down to individual sales levels.

Customer Trading Relationships

Creating customer-specific trading relationship rules to increase the rate of prompt payments and keep your collection costs to a minimum.

Special Pricing and Discounts

A wide range of special pricing  and discounts may be defined for selected customers or customer groups. This may include quantity discounts and/or a discount or price, which applies within a specific date range only. Invoice and statement discounts are available, so that discounts to a customer may be provided on an individual invoice line or as an incentive for early account payment.

The Accounts Payable module provides a managerial accounting tool that presents a clear picture of what is owed to suppliers and what are the commitments for future cash.

Invoice Management

Supplier invoices may be selected for payment in bulk and exceptions easily added or removed from a selection list. Payments may then be automatically processed and cheques, payment advices and/or direct electronic payments made via an on-line interface to major banks. Eradicate errors by instant matching of invoices to purchase orders. Effortlessly manage recurring invoices and queue for approval and payment. Easily capture and report all costs for expense management purposes.

Tracking Suppliers

Suppliers can be quickly located by account number, alpha short code or name (or an abbreviation of any of these).

This provides up-to-date information on the company’s cash position as well as reliable projections of future cash balances. The comprehensive bank reconciliation functionality enables the quick and accurate reconciliation all of bank accounts, as well as performing bank transactions with pinpoint accuracy. The integration between modules means that managing bank balances and determining the company’s actual liquidity ensures that the CFO is always in a position to make key decisions.

Bank Account Management

Full integration with the Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable modules ensures that the value of payments and receipts entered into the system is immediately reflected in bank account balances. This means a ‘real-time’ and accurate cash position can be determined at any point in time based on up to date transactions.

Cash Analysis & Budgeting

Analysis codes for income and expense can be set up for the purpose of analysing cash transactions and grouping them for budgeting and reporting. This enables good control over cash expenditure.


The reconciliation matching process limits the extent of manual effort required. Greentree also offers an automatic reconciliation process, providing pre-defined interfaces for major banks so that a bank statement data file can be read by Greentree and the bank reconciliation automatically performed.

One off payment/receipts

These can be handled without setting up unique supplier or customer records

The planning of capital purchases and disposals becomes more effective and easier with the Fixed Assets module . The information for the management of assets, minimising tax and planning future capital investments is available to make those key decisions.

Full Integration

Relevant information on purchases, depreciation, disposals and revaluations is reflected immediately in the financial accounts. The integration with the General module ensures that the information flow is streamlined and seamless.

Valuation Management

Management of the Fixed Asset Register including revaluations, differential depreciation between tax and accounting, and automatic calculation of profit or loss on disposal of assets.

Forecasting Facility

The forecasting facility allows the exploration of “what-if” scenarios, and planning asset movements more effectively. Planning for the movement of assets into and out of the organisation in future accounting periods or years can have a significant impact on your projected budgets, by affecting depreciation values, capital gains or losses.

Multiple Depreciation Methods

Assets may be depreciated using either the straight line or diminishing value methods. Depreciation methods are determined on a per-asset basis, and a particular asset could be depreciated using diminishing value for taxation purposes and straight line for accounting purposes.


Screen shots – Greentree Financial Management Module

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    Greentree is going to bring big improvements to our reporting process. We’re feeling very positive about the future.

    Hannes Boshoff Corporate Finance Manager

    Our competitive edge is about the reliability of our service. Greentree will support and better facilitate our service delivery, and that’s what keeps us ahead.

    Nilsen Group
    Mark Nilsen Managing Director

    Our competitive edge is about the reliability of our service. Greentree will support and better facilitate our service delivery, and that’s what keeps us ahead.

    Matilda Equipment
    Damion Wilson CFO

    As a non-profit organisation, the functionality in Greentree has been an absolute boon for us. We have been able to save time and money by better managing our cost centres and grant maintenance in Greentree. These flexible reporting structures ensure that almost any financial reporting requirement can be easily fulfilled.

    Rocky Bay
    Mervyn Williams Finance Manager

    Innovation is critical in our industry and Greentree dovetails into this to help us maintain our competitive position.

    Crosby Tiles
    Andrew Williams General Manager