Our People

Our employees are the most valued assets of our company; essential participants with a shared responsibility in fulfilling our mission. We are committed to an environment that allows for a healthy balance between our personal and professional lives. This commitment attracts and retains the best qualified people and develops a workplace of which we can be proud and where we can enjoy our work, whilst seeking to carry out our mission.

Senior Management

David Sankey

Founder & CEO

I see my clients and the challenges they present as a partnership of their needs with Addax's expertise.

Graham Howe

Chief Financial Officer

Previous lives as an accountant, a developer and an ERP consultant have allowed me to slot right into my current support role for the rest of the Addax team. Personal interests are live sound engineering and four-wheel-driving.


Lalindra De Silva

Support Manager

If I don’t have the answer to your Greentree “issue”.. then there is no answer! Most of my spare time is going to be spent getting my Prado un-bogged.

Shamila Nadanarajah

Technical Accounts Services

Loves spending time with her daughter and expecting another bundle of joy Autumn 2015. Loves baking curry-puffs and everyone in Addax enjoys them.

Neil Shah

Senior Technical Consultant

Starting off as an accountant, moving early into the accounting software to avoid boredom, now the transition is complete - working full time on a Jade programming project.

Gavin Bird


My experience as a systems consultant is beyond question. So don’t even try to go down that road! You want a spreadsheet??.. I’ll give you a spreadsheet!

Sampath Mendis

Support Engineer

My ability to cram more RDP icons on my desktop than anyone else is unrivalled. This skill enables me to respond really quickly to your support requests. A large percentage of my spare time is spent tracking my wife’s car through the accident repair process.

David Sharkey

Implementation Consultant

Interests outside work include sports, travel and bike riding.

Ashley Dugmore

Greentree Technical Consultant

...Loves exercising his musical skills and really enjoys influencing and helping kids realise their potential through coaching kid’s sports.

Dennis Thwe

IT Support Specialist

I’m the nice IT guy. I respond to emails.

Mark Baker

Business Systems Consultant

Mark…a Business Systems Consultant who delivers much more than expected, he also wears the ‘orange’ when saving the unfortunate and comforting the needy.

Glen Downton

Application Software Developer

With influences as diverse as Dijkstra and Stroustrup, Glen’s career constantly straddles the dichotomy between customer’s current experience and future expectation in a neo-digital landscape.

Eric Neumann

IT Services Manager

Given half a chance, I’ll find a reason to upgrade (aka spend money) our systems. My bucket list includes getting a new tyre for my motorcycle and having a haircut.

Careers at Addax

We are always on the lookout for exceptional people to join to our team:

Addax is always on the lookout for exceptional people to join our consulting team, and we promise working at Addax will be challenging, provide a wide range of variety, and will allow you to get out and meet a lot of people.  It will however be demanding, require good people skills, and naturally require strong technical skills.

With regards to technical skills, you must have experience in business, preferably with demonstrable accounting knowledge or hold some level of accounting certification.  You must also demonstrate good computer applications and systems knowledge, often an indicator of this is your level of knowledge in products like Excel with the minimum basic entry-level being proficient with basic formulas such as VLookup.  Better still you should understand advanced Excel functionality such as Array formulas, and if you like playing with VBA then you likely have the computer skills we are looking for.

If you think you have what it takes, and have ERP experience, then send us your resume for consideration.

Addax is an authorised Greentree value added developer – this means we write Apps for Greentree and develop integrated custom applications.  If this appeals to you, then maybe you have the skills we are looking for.

To be a developer at Addax you must experience and skills working in a comparable application such as another ERP system or similar application.  Greentree is primarily developed in Jade (http://www.JadeWorld.com) so your experience in web development, ASP, .Net, or SQL developers is of little interest to us.  Your experience in desktop and client-server applications developed with an OO language, preferably with a OO databse then we are interested… especially if that experience is with Jade.

We literally get hundreds of applications from developers, so before wasting your time, please only send your resume if you have the skills we are looking for.

We are often asked by our customers if we know of anyone with Greentree experience to fill a temporary role, permanent role, or to assist them during an implementation.

We have a number of people on our books that we recommend, and if you would like to be included for consideration please send us your Greentree experience and we will recommend you to our customers where appropriate.

We do not charge you or the customer for this, we simply make the introduction and the rest is between you and the customer.

Addax always has implementation projects on the go, and many of these projects require an independent Project Manager.  To Project Manage a Greentree implementation, you must have prior experience implementing ERP systems or managing ERP implementations of a similar size and breadth to Greentree.

We would not consider anyone that has no prior ERP implementations experience.

If you believe you have the project management skills we are looking for, please drop us your resume and we will include you on our register for consideration

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