Wholesale and Distribution

If you are in the Wholesale and Distribution industry, it does not matter of you are the distributors, wholesalers, retailer, or importer, you will are continually faced with greater competition, tighter margins, and higher customer service expectations.

At Addax we understand these issues how they present a challenge to reduce operational expenses while achieving increased returns on their investment.  Our expertise, systems, and processes encompass the entire Wholesale/Distribution operation, from the time an order is placed, procured, until its delivery and shipment.  Our solution extends to include payroll, HR, and Health and Safety.

Using MYOB Greentree’s integrated business software we implement streamlined, real-time supply chain processes with advanced warehouse control, while reducing delivery costs and timeframes to ensure ever increasing customer service.

Using Greentree’s Workflow Desktops, the all processes are clearly visible in real-time giving operational managers all the information they might need to run a tight ship.

Financial Management is at the heart of all businesses and with the pace of business and lowering margins, it is important that all the revenue and costs derived from the businesses manufacturing and distribution operations are seamless and accurately reflected in the financial modules in real-time.

With Greentree’s single database environment all transactions are available throughout the system regardless of where or who processed them, giving Department Managers and Finance staff real-time information to control, manage, and react to the financial effects of any operational event.

The Greentree financial suite offers a comprehensive selection of modules that include all the standard accounting features you would expect of any accounting system, and many features not found in other systems such as GL Transaction Analysis that allows additional and selective multi-dimensional tracking of transaction at a level below the standard Chart of Accounts (i.e. to track FBT costs by person on GL Accounts associated with FBT expenditure, etc.)


  • Workflow

  • General Ledger

  • Transaction Analysis (If required)

  • Accounts Payable

  • Accounts Receivable

  • Cash Management

  • Fixed Assets

MYOB Greentree’s Bill of Material provides a graphic display of the full BOM structure, including multi-layered/level BOMs and phantoms, giving immediate visibility to optimise production batch sizes, review/recalculate costs, and assess shop floor control requirements.

Because Greentree is a single, integrated environment the latest material costs are easily available to enable the quick comparison of actual costs to standard costs, raw and finished stock quantities are a simple double-click away, shopfloor control options integrated, and batch size optimisation is included as default.


  • Work Flow

  • Manufacturing

  • Inventory

Because the manufacturing functionality in MYOB Greentree is not an addon, all the information required to a comprehensive MRP forecast is readily available for the computation; be it sales information from the Sales Order module or historic sales from the Debtors Ledger, or it might be supply information from anywhere in the supply chain.

Not only is this information available to compute MRP forecast requirements, but once the user has reviewed and locked in the forecast, the MRP process can create and monitor operational transactions ensuring Purchase Orders, Factory Orders, raw material receipts, and the such are created and processed in a timely manner.


  • Work Flow (if Required)

  • Manufacturing

  • Materials Resource Planning

MYOB Greentree’s quality control module allows for the classification of Quality Control tests, management of testing personnel, and quarantine management of materials to ensure the appropriate level of testing and controls are exercised for all stock.

To ensure Quality Assurance processes are processed efficiently to avoid costly delays and processing bottlenecks, it is typical to use Greentree’s workflow desktops to provide visibility on all stock as it is queued for testing, running through testing, and the output status of tested stock


  • Work Flow

  • Quality Control

  • Inventory

Typically manufacturing operations have plant and equipment that needs to be well maintained to ensure utilisation of the equipment can be maximised to achieve high production rates. This makes tracking and keeping the plant and equipment in good working order essential.

In MYOB Greentree all assets can be assigned Work/Maintenance Cycles for scheduled maintenance and with associated parts to ensure correct maintenance cycles are followed with the correct spare parts used.

Of course, unplanned maintenance and breakdown repairs can be created as required and scheduled alongside planned maintenance orders. Service crews can be assigned to service plant based on the plant location, or the type of service being done.

Any Asset can be broken in to child Assets (i.e. a high capacity CNC machine can comprise of a Motor(s), bed(s), lubrication system(s), etc.) and each child asset can be also separated and tracked independently when needed. This allows say an motor to be tracked for its entire life regardless of how many pieces of plant it was part of.


  • Asset Management

  • Contracts

  • Field Service

It goes without saying that supply chain management is critical to manufacturing operations to ensure stock is maintained on a tight schedule.

MYOB Greentree has an inventory module that not only manages simple analysis such as stock on hand, but includes capability to manage more advanced features such as stock supersessions, companion parts, and substitution. For larger, high-volume operations there may be a requirement for Greentree’s warehouse bin management module that provides for the management of picking stations, overflow bins, multi-and purpose binning.


  • Requisitions (if Required)

  • Inventory Sourcing

  • Quality Control (If Required)

  • Warehouse Bin Management (If Required)

  • Purchase Orders

  • Import Costing (If required)

  • Foreign Currency (If Required)

Payroll and Human Resource Management covers a wide breadth, from a simple payroll requirement in some businesses to complex Enterprise Bargaining Agreements in larger operations. Addax, using MYOB Greentree, can provide a solution to match the requirement from a simple payroll to a full Pay, Award Interpretation, and HR solution that includes:

  • Payroll
  • Award Interpretation
  • Skills and Certifications management
  • Recruitment
  • Employee Development
  • Leave Scheduling and Planning
  • Timesheet Capture
  • Employee Self-Help web portal

Greentree’s payroll and HR modules are not 3rd party add-ins but fully integrated, purpose built Greentree modules.

The Greentree payroll is certified for many countries, however where the payroll is required in a country not certified by Greentree, Addax will modify and enhance the standard Greentree payroll to meet your requirements.


  • Payroll

  • Human Resources

  • Award Interpretation

  • Leave Planning

  • Employee Development

  • Recruitment

Occupational Health and Safety is an important part of modern industry, and no more so than in an industry that works with potentially large and lethal plant and equipment.

For smaller operations a simple Incident Reporting register may suffice and for larger operations this needs to extend into a comprehensive incident process management solution to ensure every incident is processed consistently and completely based on the category and severity of the incident.

Simple Incident Reporting can be managed within the MYOB Greentree Occupational Health and Safety module, but when combined with Greentree’s Business Process Management and Service modules Greentree is able to apply consistent and comprehensive standards and reporting to any organisations OH&S policy.

  • Incident Recording (including through a Web Portal)
  • Email, SMS, and Desktop Alerts and Notifications
  • Standardised management and statutory reporting
  • Issuing of action items (automated where required)


  • Human Resources

  • Occupational Health and Safety

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Customer Stories

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    Greentree is going to bring big improvements to our reporting process. We’re feeling very positive about the future.

    Hannes Boshoff Corporate Finance Manager

    Our competitive edge is about the reliability of our service. Greentree will support and better facilitate our service delivery, and that’s what keeps us ahead.

    Nilsen Group
    Mark Nilsen Managing Director

    Our competitive edge is about the reliability of our service. Greentree will support and better facilitate our service delivery, and that’s what keeps us ahead.

    Matilda Equipment
    Damion Wilson CFO

    As a non-profit organisation, the functionality in Greentree has been an absolute boon for us. We have been able to save time and money by better managing our cost centres and grant maintenance in Greentree. These flexible reporting structures ensure that almost any financial reporting requirement can be easily fulfilled.

    Rocky Bay
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    Innovation is critical in our industry and Greentree dovetails into this to help us maintain our competitive position.

    Crosby Tiles
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