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We are problem solvers, management consultants and software engineers.

Our highly experienced and multi-award winning team of consultants have partnered with over 140 companies globally. Each of our consultants are fully accredited with MYOB and are uniquely placed to help you do business better.

Our Team

  • Andy Thomson

    Driven by curiosity and a desire to challenge the status quo, Andy’s career has largely centered on business improvement operations in the energy and resources industry. A typical week for Andy is educating business leaders on the value of technology, its impact in streamlining business process and driving revenue growth. 

  • Mark Baker

    Guided by honesty and motivated by delivering on time, every time, Mark is the central point of contact for each of Addax’s valued clients. His up-front and dedicated approach leaves customers feeling confident that the team on their project understand their needs and will deliver assured results. As an expert in MYOB Greentree and Project management, Mark is also driven in working with clients to create valuable business intelligence solutions specifically suited to their business goals.

  • Jane Barrongo

    Astute and responsive, Jane has a deep understanding of accounting, software solutions and business operations. Her friendly demeanor is central to her success in building strong relationships with customers. Jane is a consultant with over 15 years working on both sides of the software solution, giving her greater insight into our customers operations.

  • Lalindra De Silva

    Highly regarded and trusted by the Addax clients, Lalindra delivers timely and tangible solutions to all Addax clients. Composed in his approach, he ensures that the Addax Support Team solve customer enquiries in an efficient and professional manner. Lalindra is a specialist with over 10 years working with Greentree and has been recognised both internationally and nationally by Greentree for his work in support.

  • Ashley Dugmore

    Unassuming in his approach, Ashley’s career has centered around delivering exceptional customer service to every business. His understanding of business operations from the ground up, positions him well to deliver innovative solutions to our customers. A keen collaborator, Ashley spends his week working closely with his team and our clients to create meaningful change in their business, and help them succeed.

  • Kim Hogan

    Instinctive in her approach, Kim loves to work closely with businesses, and their team, to streamline processes and improve their bottom line. Her 30 years of experience working predominantly within the energy and resources sector for growing companies, gives her the insight required to actualise business efficiencies. Her experience and knowledge makes her an expert in maximising automation and improving data entry systems.

  • David Sharkey

    Industrious and perceptive, David is adept in implementing ERP solutions. He has spent the majority of his career observing business process on a global scale and his unique insights make him a valuable addition to our solutions team. He is well versed in working across all levels of a business to maximise the use of an integrated ERP solution, yet remains approachable and genuine despite bringing more than 23 years experience to the Addax team.

  • Michelle Kirkby

    Driven and insightful, Michelle has a breadth of knowledge and experience across human resources and payroll operations within organisations. Working closely with our clients, her extensive knowledge of key processes gives her the ability to make meaningful change to the human resources function at both a corporate and operational level, and her vast understanding of employee agreements enables her to deliver payroll solutions perfectly tailored to organisations. She is our MYOB Advanced People and Award Interpreter specialist, focusing on complex and large payroll environments.

  • Kim Chan

    Detailed-oriented and proactive by nature, Kim applies her experience successfully implementing new systems and processes, to her work with every client. She has a strong track record achieving results, and working as a financial professional supporting organisational growth and reaching strategic goals. With her analytical skills and drive to succeed, she is our MYOB Advanced specialist, dedicated to implementing and supporting the product for our customers.

  • Neil Shah

    Accomplished in all aspects of business consulting, Neil has dedicated his career to helping businesses do better. Spending the last 13 years with Addax, he is most recognised for developing solutions in complex payroll environments. Neil designed and wrote the original EBAi program that was sold as an add-on to Greentree. Later Neil rearchitected EBAi as an embedded Award Interpreter Application for Greentree where it is used in complex or large Greentree payroll environment.

  • Gavin Bird

    Straightforward in his approach, Gavin is motivated by creating measurable change within a business. Critical to his success is his ability to apply his objective knowledge and insight to ERP implementations. He has over 10 years experience as an ERP consultant and 30 years working in finance across a plethora of industries including telecommunications, transport and distribution, security, labour hire and state and local Government.

  • Kevin Chu

    Approachable and highly regarded in his profession, Kevin is our resident Jade expert and spends his week developing and maintaining customisations for MYOB Greentree. Coding Greentree for over a decade, his passion for jade and coding has taken him abroad, working in Australia, New Zealand and Mauritious, and allowed him to develop indispensable skills and knowledge across the industry.

  • Graham Howe

    Methodical in nature and focussed on results, Graham works with the senior management team at Addax in managing the financial strategy and administrative operations of the business. Graham’s career has centred around driving business growth through simplifying administrative procedures, whilst maintaining adequate systems and a high level of transparency within the business.

  • David Sankey

    A leader in his field with a passion to be a part of positive business transitions, David is the brains behind Addax Business Solutions. Driven by a desire to do things better, David is motivated to achieve measurable results for his clients, through the delivery of fit-for-purpose solutions. He thrives on the ‘wow’ moment when clients see what him and his team can do for their business. With a career spanning over 30 years working with management, accounting and business systems across the globe, David brings indispensable knowledge to everyday practices at Addax.

  • Alanya Selman

    Passionate about marketing and business development, Alanya works with the leadership team at Addax to promote the business and its people. Alanya is a charismatic person who enjoys engaging with the team and their clients, eager to develop the voice of the Addax brand. With a commerce degree and experience working with businesses to manage their social presence and company voice, Alanya brings fresh ideas and a new way of thinking to the experienced team at Addax.

  • Stephen Bose

    Focused and flexible in his approach, Stephen leads the business development team to enhance the company’s capabilities in delivering the best solutions to every client, every time. He brings over 20 years of knowledge and experience in assisting companies across a range of industries to drive business growth through the use of innovative technologies. Consistently motivated by developing alternate solutions to traditional business processes, Stephen is eager to improve and transform the way things are done to enhance business performance for both his own team and every client.