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At the core of any successful business is its strong relationship with its suppliers, contractors and clients.

With over 50 implementations of CRM, Addax is well placed to guide your business in the best fit solution that matches your commercial and operational needs.

The flexibility of the CRM solutions we use, allows us to deploy them in a myriad of ways to ensure each unique process can be supported not only through a windows environment, but also browser and mobile.

  • Deploy customer service to ensure information is at your fingertips for invoicing.
  • Capture accurate marketing information to interact with customers.
  • Comply with privacy and spam regulations that govern marketing communications.
  • Accurate costing and quoting for clients.
  • Track activity against customer records to monitor interactions.
  • Real-time, accurate data to meet reporting obligations, comply to OSH regulations
  • One system ready at the touch of a button should a site fatality arise, along with a number of supporting defensive solutions.

At Addax, we don’t just know CRM we use it.

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