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Elphinstone Mechanical Services

ClientElphinstone Mechanical Services
ProductMYOB Greentree
IndustryMining, Construction and Support Services

No job too big for MYOB Greentree

A fully owned and operated Western Australian business, Elphinstone Mechanical Services (EMS) are a key player in the mining, construction and support service industry. Specialising in the provision of highly skilled tradespeople, they are serious about minimising costs and downtime for their customers. As the business has grown, there was increasing pressure for the owners to have more control and visibility over their jobs. EMS choose MYOB Greentree to build greater efficiency and provide improved financial control across their business.

Problem Inability to draw-down on jobs

After 12 years in business, EMS were concerned about how they were managing their financials and jobs.


“Our old system was labour intense, it took days to process invoices or do the payroll,” shares Jody Elphinstone, Director at EMS.

EMS needed a business-wide solution, specifically they were looking for a solution that better suited their job structures.

The legacy system didn’t allow them to drill down on jobs or allocate costs to a job. Jody notes, “All we could see was who worked on a job. Invoicing would take forever, allocating costs to jobs had become very manual.”

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Solution Flexible job structures that let you think smarter

Partnering with MYOB Partner, Addax Business Solutions they were able to create more structure in their business, making room for better visibility and improved business process.


EMS, General Manager, Stephen Costar notes, “We underestimated the level of attention we as a business needed to give to the implementation. I think we did really well, I didn’t expect MYOB Greentree to be up and running so quickly.” 

“The team at Addax were very patient with us. They constantly pushed us in the right direction, it is what we needed to get through the implementation. MYOB Greentree is without a doubt what our business needed.”

Implementing MYOB Greentree paved the path for EMS to rethink and sharpen their business processes. Jody points out, “We have more management meetings now looking at our financials. Greentree is helping us focus on where we get the best revenue return.”

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Outcome Overall increase in revenue for EMS

MYOB Greentree has transformed the way EMS does business. EMS has seen visible changes within their business, noting a 30 – 40% improvement in cash flow and a 90% improvement in tracking where they are spending their money.

Jody has been able to shift her focus to marketing the business. Jody laughs, “There was a point there where I was a bit bored!

Invoicing used to take me days, now I can see all allocated costs under one job. Vehicles, flights or timesheets, they are all there in one spot. We couldn’t do this before, we have complete transparency on our all our jobs.”

Stephen explains, “The business benefits have been huge and we are not even tapping into it all yet.”

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  • Before

  • + Multiple systems
  • + Poor reporting
  • + Poor visibility of finances
  • + Inefficient payroll process
  • + Poor visibility of job costs
  • After

  • + One system
  • + Real-time reporting, user friendly
  • + Improved financial performance
  • + Customised payroll solution with e-Docs, award interpreter
  • + Real-time view of job costs