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Rocky Bay

ClientRocky Bay
LocationWestern Australia
ProductMYOB Greentree
IndustryNot for Profit

The power of integration

Rocky Bay is a leading provider of disability services in Western Australia. Their dedicated staff offer choice and independence to thousands of people of all ages that live with all disabilities.

For the past 14 years Rocky Bay have worked closely with Addax Business Solutions to drive financial and operational performance, freeing up Rocky Bay staff to focus on adding value to their customers.

Problem Lengthy paper trails and poor visibility

Rocky Bay initially rolled out MYOB Greentree in 2001. The change improved the way the organisation reported on its financial performance, meeting their business needs at the time.


Mervyn Williams, Rocky Bay’s former Finance Director, recognises the “outstanding service and support Rocky Bay continues to receive from Addax”.

As Rocky Bay has continued to grow in recent years, so too has the paperwork and the complexities around delivering transparency across the business.

Gavin Day, Rocky Bay’s Financial Controller, recalls his first day walking into the finance manager’s office and being confronted by a wall of paperwork. The paperwork processes for accounts payable had become manual and very timely to process.

The business needed to undertake a change management journey. All end users needed to see the value in an integrated system to deliver real business improvements to Rocky Bay.

“A fundamental turning point for our relationship with Addax was the decision to engage their Business Solutions Manager at a senior leadership level. Together, we went on a journey to get more value out of MYOB Greentree.”

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Solution Business improvement from the ground up

In 2017 a business improvement exercise was undertaken. With the on-boarding of Gavin Day, the timing was right to draw together leaders at both Addax and Rocky Bay to collaborate, strategise and deliver real solutions.



Gavin confesses, “As the business employed more commercially focussed staff, the interest in MYOB Greentree grew. Staff across the business began to see the real benefits of using an integrated software solution”.

A number of web-based solutions within MYOB Greentree were implemented across Rocky Bay to reduce paperwork and, as Gavin says, “Lift the shroud from finance, creating transparency across the business”.

MYOB Greentree’s e-Requisitions was implemented to give immediate web access across the business and empower users to raise purchase requisitions on behalf of, and subject to, Rocky Bay’s approval matrix.

MYOB Greentree’s eDocs was then used to streamline supplier invoice processing and reduce paper across the accounts payable function. Using eDocs allows the finance team to process high volumes of invoices quickly, reducing human error and giving full visibility to the status of an invoice.

“A good ERP system takes you away from using spreadsheets and places the information into a database which everyone can share.”

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Outcome 100% paperless and substantial cost reduction

For a lot of operational staff, MYOB Greentree’s e-Requisitions was the first time they had used an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, which meant the finance team at Rocky Bay had to take staff on a journey of change.


The team engaged staff through a number of internal communications, including video, newsletter and short engagement sessions with teams, to help guide the cultural shift.

Rocky Bay’s accounts payable function is now 100 per cent paperless, using the eDocs functionality. Gavin Day tells Addax that the time saving has allowed his team to focus on more complex and value-adding tasks.

Gavin Day explains, “it has been a real engagement process and it’s enjoyable when it comes off”.

MYOB Greentree is fit for purpose for Rocky Bay. Greentree fits what the business needs”.

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  • Before

  • + Paper-based Accounts Payable
  • + Labour-intensive Accounts Payable
  • + Poor visibility across the business
  • + Minimal understanding of an integrated system across the business
  • After

  • + 100% reduction in paper use
  • + Increase in productivity
  • + Web-based access for e-Requisitions across the business