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ERP Health | Is it time for a check-up?

Do you book your car in for a service every year? Chances are you do.

Much like a car, if you do not routinely maintain your ERP system it can fall behind and so can your business.

When is it time for a Health Check?

  • You implemented your ERP system more than 18 months ago.
  • Your business requirements have changed.
  • Your business is seeing a drop in productivity.
  • You are experiencing outages or a slow response when running reports.
  • You want to move to the Cloud.
  • You are having difficulty visualising all your data.
  • You don’t want to be bound by the desk. You are curious about mobile technology.

Just like your car, an ERP solution ages. The good news is, that your ERP solution can readily be tweaked, enhanced and upgraded to ensure you are always using the latest technology and functionality.

Some of these changes can be made by your team and others need the guided expertise of a solution engineer.

Simple changes to your system as your business grows can improve workflow, increase productivity and drive cash flow.

Our tips to keep your ERP healthy:

  • Understand Your ERP
    • Start off by speaking with your MYOB Business Partner, ask how you can access manuals, training or video demos?
    • Are you on the mailing list for any ERP upgrades? Often there is a primary contact within your organisation who is responsible for sharing changes in your ERP.
    • Does your business have a support agreement with your MYOB Business Partner that you could be accessing?
  • Nominate an ERP Champion or Ambassador
    • This role is crucial to the continued success of your ERP post implementation.
    • This Champion must hold a level of authority within your business, able to effectively drive strategy and user buy in.
  • Long Term Strategy
    • Your business should have a long term strategy for its ERP system.
    • Long term goals might include implementing applications to support mobile timesheets or adding new functionality to support changing business requirements.
  • Clean Data
    • Annually clean up your data. We suggest you remove duplicates, update contact information, remove old leads and close off outstanding accounts.
  • Book in a Health Check
    • We recommend a health check with your implementation partner every 12 – 18 months.
    • Addax offers a free ERP health check to its customers.
    • A health check will identify technology gaps, changes in business needs, allow us to scale the system up or down depending on where you are at in your business cycle.

Our free ERP health checks are designed to ensure your business continues to experience growth and realise new efficiencies across your business.

ERP Health Check

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