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Managing Operational Reporting Obligations

In today’s operational environment there are significantly more reporting obligations than ever before. This increase is largely driven by organisations themselves, looking to:

  • increase staff efficiency;
  • create a positive shift in public and community opinions;
  • address increased customer driven pressure to demonstrate compliance with their standards;
  • anticipate legal risks to the company; and
  • meet increased legal obligations for directors to demonstrate Occupational, Health and Safety (OHS) due diligence.

What is Reporting?

Gone are the days where running a report as part of a monthly routine would suffice.

Ensuring your business systems are customised to efficiently and effectively meet your operational reporting obligations can significantly improve safety and reduce costs. So, how do we do this? Lets take a closer look at a few simple ideas we can consider.

Tracking Supplier/Contractor Insurance

Organisations receiving services from suppliers and contractors must ensure those 3rd parties have the appropriate insurances in place. Proof of insurances is called a ‘Certificate of Currency’. Typically a Certificate of Currency is only valid for one year, meaning that every year the 3rd party needs to submit an updated Certificate of Currency. Sure, you could capture this information in Excel for staff to monitor and routinely make calls following up on these renewals. This method is extremely costly, prone to being forgotten and opens the business up to fraudulent behaviour.

An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution will allow the Certificates to be attached to the supplier record, capturing all necessary information including the expiry date. Simply adding this information into an ERP solution, will allow for automated emails to be sent to the supplier. An email will be sent when the Certificate of Currency expires and if the supplier does not respond the account will automatically be placed on hold until a new Certificate is supplied.

This automation simplify’s a once timely task for staff, saving the business time and reducing costly errors.

Workplace Safety Compliance

Whilst more complex to set up, industry and customer demand has lead to businesses needing to report and keep on top of staff and contractor certification.

This task is made simple with an integrated ERP solution that includes Human Resources. Workflow automation in your ERP solution simply provides a notification by email, desktop or SMS to individuals and managers when certifications are due to expire. Operationally smart systems will also check a contractor or employees certifications each time they are assigned a work order or task, ensuring that they are appropriately qualified.

This level of automation may require some customisation to your business needs, but the benefits are consistent. This set up meets auditing requirements and complies with safety regulations for contractors and staff.

Dashboard Reporting

If your business has an ERP system, this is a great starting point. It is important, even essential to then have the ability to monitor and audit this information. For your business to use this capability as a selling point to its customers, you would then need to adopt a good operational and business intelligence (BI) reporting tool. A BI reporting tool will allow your business to use its raw data to build forecasts and provide critical analysis for its key business indicators.

Operational Intelligence on the other hand comes from having a workflow set up on your desktop. This will provide warnings and notifications to operational staff as they are processing information.

In this example, opening an incident Record immediately shows all the associated information on the desktop behind the form.

Alternatively, opening a personal record or assigning a person to a task checks and shows information on the desktop relevant to the process on hand.

If your business is running paper based reports, your business is not getting a holistic view of its operations and inefficiencies.

If you want accurate and real-time data we encourage you to contact our experienced software engineers to see how we can optimise your business output.

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