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MYOB Greentree Tips & Tricks

We all need a shortcut in our life! We chat to Payroll Specialist, Kim Hogan about simple tips and tricks in MYOB Greentree that you can use every day.

Useful Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Shift F1 Help
  • Shift F2 Delete (Be sure to highlight the line or field you want to delete).
  • F2 Save
  • F9 Find
  • Ctrl T User time and date stamp
Favourite Menu

Do you find that you go to the same menu items multiple times a day?

Make life easier by adding them to your ‘Favourite’ menu. Located on the left hand side of your screen. Simply click on the ‘+’ to view your favourites.

As an example, let’s add Employee Maintenance to our favourites.

  • Click on HR, then open Employee Maintenance.
  • Right Mouse Click The purple heading of the ‘HR Employee Maintenance Screen’
  • And select Float.
  • Then return to the Menu by clicking on the ‘+’ ,  and select Favourites.
  • Right Mouse Click, on the white space and select ‘Add to Favourites’
  • You have the opportunity to keep the name or rename to something that has meaning to you.

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