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How can NFP’s get more from their ERP?

Getting the most from your ERP in a Not for Profit (NFP) organisation can be quite different to other industries.  Why? Let’s face it, most ERP systems are developed for profit focused businesses. Let’s start with three simple steps to get more from your integrated business management system, commonly referred to as an ERP:

  • Do you know what your ERP is capable of? Addax Business Solutions has implemented 100+ ERP solutions and provided consulting services to numerous organisations. We can say with certainty that few businesses know what their ERP system is truly capable of and even fewer come close to utilising its full capability.
  • Do you know what you want from your ERP? Over the last two decades I have met with a great number of NFP’s looking to leverage the capability of their existing ERP investment. Naturally, my first questions is, “So. What do you want from your systems?”. Typically, I receive a barrage of motherhood responses such as “Good Reporting”, “Ease of Use”, “Intuitive Data Entry”, that do not define the actual problem.
  • It is crucial to be specific with your needs, otherwise you will receive a generic solution that is not fit for your purpose. So, instead of saying “Good Reporting” define what you really want the report content to be, who the reports are for, the frequency of the reporting and any other relevant information. Specifically, identify what is important to your NFP organisation in reporting, functionality and user capabilities.
  • The Software Sales/Account Manager is your best friend! Once you have completed your self-appraisal and identified what you want from your ERP, it is time to reach out for help. We’ll let you in on a little trade secret: Understanding what your ERP can do for you is not a helpdesk question, so bypass the support / helpdesk and call your account or sales manager directly! Your account or sales manager is equipped with industry specific knowledge on how to leverage the most from your ERP investment. Sure, some may anticipate an upsell but the majority of their time is usually free.

If you can clearly identify your business needs, it will control the scope of work and therefore cost. By investing time now to get the ERP solution you need, your business can deliver better tomorrow.

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