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Forecasts built around your business needs, critical analysis when you need it. All in a simple and interactive format.


It’s not just reporting, it’s the next generation of interactive business intelligence putting you in charge of your data.

QlikView gives you the freedom to explore your data, ask new questions and uncover associations in a secure environment.

Key Features

  • Dashboards

    Your dashboards can be easily customised to display metrics that are important to you and your business. For example, you can compare year-on-year and month-on-month sales and profit, budget comparisons, bank balances, debtor ageing etc.

  • Sales Analysis

    Analyse any imaginable aspect of your sales data with dynamic grouping and clustering to uncover what has and hasn’t happened, where and why. For example, analyse your sales revenue, profit and cost year on year or month on month and dissect further by regions, salespeople, product groups and so on.

  • What-if Analysis

    Ever wondered how a price drop during a promotional campaign might affect your bottom line? With QlikView’s advanced ‘what-if’ analysis you can easily analyse how costs, price and volume changes will affect your margins.

  • Supply chain and purchasing

    Utilising the advanced product query, you can get a quick overview of a product group, for example:

    • Historical sales volumes so you can plan your purchase
    • Pricing information
    • Inventory-on-hand information
    • Cost
    • Outstanding purchase orders
    • Inventory Analysis.

  • Job Costing

    With QlikView’s Job Costing model, you’ll get detailed analysis of all your projects.

    • Work in progress
    • Job ageing
    • Analyse job profitability
    • Timesheet analysis.

  • Manage budgeting and forecasting

    Set up a budget tree directly in MYOB Greentree, and let QlikView help you to follow up Actual vs Budget.

  • Flexible

    Any data inside your MYOB Greentree system can be loaded and analysed in QlikView. Advanced users can build their own models on the fly.

  • Find details in a fraction of a second

    QlikView gives you a helicopter view of your business, and lets you mine right down to the individual transaction line. For example, a customer wants to review a particular invoice, but the only thing they remember is that the invoice value was $120. Just type “120” in the search field and you’re there instantly.

  • Alerts

    Set up custom alerts within QlikView to notify you when things happen in your business. Alerts can be popups or email and can be set to anything that is important to your business.

  • Local machine deployment

    You can deploy QlikView on any local computer running Windows, and even take your data snapshots with you on the road.

  • Server deployment

    Deploy QlikView on your intranet with the Small Business Server. All the hard work is done on a central server, and all users can look at the same version via a web browser.

  • Mobile clients, iPhone, Android and Mobile Java

    With the server deployment, you have the option to publish your QlikView models to smartphone users, giving them access to your MYOB Greentree data.

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