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What’s hiding in your big data?

We are currently engineering a geospatial solution with a leading Perth business, allowing them to get more out of their MYOB Greentree data. This real-time insight gives bigger business a competitive edge.

In simple terms, we take geographic coordinates (latitudes and longitudes), street addresses, postal codes, and other identifiers, to create geographical models. These models can include maps, graphs, statistics, and cartograms – data visualizations that help making complex relationships more understandable. Source

This simple but effective visual representation of data encourages us to ask questions we never even considered. Why are doing so well in North Perth? Why are we seeing a cluster of warranty issues in Joondalup? Why are we having supply chain issues in Melville?


Looking at data in this way allows big business to reflect, identify gaps and strategise for growth. These answers are always there, often we just haven’t found the right tool to release them.

Raise the bar in customer service and unlock supply chain problems. Gain real insight into your customers and their buying behaviour. Forbes says, “A significant barrier to broader commercial adoption of geospatial technology has always been the movement of data around old infrastructures to make it available to new services”. Source

No longer is this a challenge, the rapid growth in geospatial technology means your data is easily pushed from your ERP solution into software available via your desktop or while you are on the move with a mobile application.

Seeing your data in this way opens your business up to endless opportunities. Empower your management team to identify gaps and reinvent the way you do business.

Put your data on the map today.

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